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Explore Luxury Destinations In India Tour

Explore Luxury destinations in India Tour

Vice President of a Wall Street company closed his computer in the wee hours of morning. For a change he felt extremely relieved and relaxed. After all in few hours he was about to leave for a luxurious trip to India, all taken care of by Erco Travels.

This is one trip his family had actually been trying to push him into since last two years but could only succeed now. His wife often lamented, We have it all-money, luxuries of life and yet lack time only for ourselves. Tired of pestering him she ultimately took things in her own hand and contacted a well-known Travel agent in India on the recommendation of her friends.

To begin with his family will land in Delhi and take the Palace on Wheels the Royal train to visit some of the most exotic destinations of India. Erco Travels Agent had specified that more than the destinations, the manner in which in his family will get to travel in this Royal Train is what will make this trip luxuriously laid back for all of them.

Thereafter, Erco Travels had planned to take them to the backwaters of Kerala and his wife too had ensured that the houseboat reserved for his family had all the amenities they were used too, along with a chef who was well-known for his culinary skills.

However, when he landed in the country, it was difficult to say what hit them-the crowd, dust, or hubbub, but one thing led to another and before the family could realise they were actually swept off their feet.

The tour via Royal Train was replete with sun-kissed sand dunes stretched miles over, which his family watched from the large glass-panes of their train. Each city they visited encompassed colourful legends of heroism and romance. In totality, the trip was like tracing the footsteps of erstwhile Maharajas.

There after the undulating tea gardens of Kerala, was a different experience. My kids were amazed to see almost all the spices found in their kitchen growing in the backyards of people there. This was also something very unusual and different for him. It was amusing to find his family behaving so excited and full of child like enthusiasm on finding pepper, nutmeg, coffee etc. growing so popularly in almost all the kitchen gardens. Even the thought of having fresh pineapple juice and strawberry jam from hand-picked strawberry was beyond imagination for them.

Moving on from the tea gardens to the backwater was another awesome journey. They were taken around to so many beautiful areas like Alappuzha, Kasargod and Kollam to name a few. As their boat drifted peacefully through lapping waves, enjoying in the luxury of air-conditioned boat seeping in the greenery of adjoining areas was extremely relaxing for the family.

No doubt that by the time these fifteen days came to an end, the family had started missing their usual surroundings and was yearning to go back home. But the yearning for a change was full of memorable experiences and a renewed vigour to take on life.

As for him, he was now more determined to make a new beginning with his kids and had vowed to himself to be sure to go out at least one a year on a family holiday, and at least once in two years back to India!

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