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Corfu Travel Tips

It is the second largest island in Greek. It is the well known institution for the people needing the professional care, its rich land and last stop probably for the long but eventful journey.

Many of us like to collect shells from the beaches. Here in Corfu at a distance of approximately 2 km from Benitses you will find a museum that houses special collections of shells from the sea, fossils of fishes, corals, and teeth of sharks, sponges along with other marine remains. It is managed by the family of Mr Napolean Sagias who founded the museum.

The museum has one of its shells costing around twenty two thousand USD. It has Haliotis iris, the prettiest of all the shells in the world and a heavy shell called Tridacna Gigas which has weight of 65 kilograms.

It’s not at all the place to spend money excessively rather it offers one to enjoy a perfect vacation to this place. Many of the tourists from different places are attracted to this trendy spot just because of the wide range of customs and cultures are found here and also due to its unique history.

Corfu is a great place to visit with your family and loved ones, to get a taste of the ancient history, and take a souvenir of ancient times as a memory on your return journey to home. The island of Corfu is rich with the rememberings of ancient Greek Gods.

This place can be, to a certain extent, used for an educational trip with your children at the feet of nature at its greatest. Corfuites, or the residents of the island of Corfu have long been known for their beautiful hospitality towards visitors and foreign residents.

on the north-east coast, Corfu is home to beautiful hotels that are expensive but classy. If you are interested in spending a calm and luxurious vacation, then these Corfu hotels are just the place for you.

The best Corfu hotels are: Kambiello (oldest part of town, the narrow lanes here gives the flavour of life to live in), the Liston (best known for its cafes and restaurants), Achillion made by the Elizabeth of Austria (famous for its villages, museums and a flourishing casino), Pantocrator (known for its monastery, and to see other places including the toe of Italy), Pondikonisi (one of the little island), Vagelistra island and a beautiful limestone animal sculpture- lion of Menekrates that has been quite unique in Vraila street. So, what are you waiting for go to the most exotic place and enjoy all the holidays freely.

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