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Medical Tourism – Could Medical Tourism Save Your Life?

A growing number of people worldwide are seriously considering a new phenomenon called “Medical Tourism” as an answer to high cost and/or unavailable health care. Others who have already used medical tourism are praising it as a terrific solution to an ongoing problem. If you don’t live in the US, …

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Relaxing Places to Stay in Norfolk

  It is what holidays are all about, once cannot think of a better place to visit and relax than Norfolk, it is defined by its slowness, its space to move, live and breathe, ‘beautiful’ a word often associated with this county and its friendly people. The landscapes and huge …

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The Lake District – the Peaceful Holiday Destination

But you can make your break even more tranquil and therapeutic by choosing the right type of holiday accommodation. Cottage holidays in the Lake District will provide you with the most peace of all, because you will have no one else around. And these rental properties give you a real …

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Travel Sri Lanka

Seductive beaches and tempting water sports, magnificent landscapes featuring lazy lagoons, fertile wetlands, ecologically-wondrous types of forest, imposing mountains, bounteous rivers and waterfalls, an abundance of wildlife – much of it endemic – unique ecosystems, inspiring heritage sites from ancient cities to colonial forts, a vibrant culture including fine arts …

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Travel Healthy

We’ve discussed health and travel before, but if you’re going to travel healthy, there are some things we can add…. and there are some things that bear repeating! We’ve said that you should be healthy when you leave on your trip. A last minute cold aside, you don’t want to …

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Let Slip to History on Ancient Places

The world is full of amazing places to visit but then, all depend on the how you choose the perfect destinations amongst the best location. Even though we are moving ahead, there are many historical places which have great importance in our life. Some people are keen to know about …

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